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【テクノロジストチャンネル】新薬開発の期待の星。ゼブラフィッシュ。【Technologist Channel】Rising star of new medicine development. Zebrafish.

【テクノロジストチャンネル】新薬開発の期待の星。ゼブラフィッシュ。【Technologist Channel】Rising star of new medicine development. Zebrafish.

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When we catch a cold, we take cold medicines. Without a doubt, we take them with an easy mind. That is because those medicines have repeated strict research and testing over a long development period of time about more than 10 years and have met the strict criteria for confirming efficacy and safety. And the animal testing is the key to hold the safety. There are pros and cons, but all medicines being tested with this method makes them safe and highly effective enough for us to get our hands on them. Despite the fact that this animal testing requires vast amount of time and money, zebrafish is recently receiving attention as a method to reach the patients to make the process any faster and to cost any less. It is a 3cm long carp-like freshwater fish. Let us find out the reason why the zebrafish receives such attention.
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・Technologist チャンネル

・Tecnnolpgist Channel
In Japan, there are many hidden researchers who are doing eye-poping researching.
Their researches will make this upcoming future into one that is very promising.
This channel will introduce you to this research that has tremendous hidden possibilities.
Let’s share this to everyone and bring innovation to this world!


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